Creating a Fulfilling Workplace

Creating a Fulfilling Workplace
At ARCiNTU, we understand that creating high added value begins with our employees. That is why we are committed to fostering a workplace culture of mutual respect and an environment that promotes open collaboration and teamwork.

Respect in the Workplace
Our primary goal is to establish a fulfilling workplace where individuals respect one another and work in an environment that encourages productivity.
We conduct our corporate activities with a strong ethical framework, ensuring that we adhere to rules and regulations to maintain fairness and consistency. We are committed to preventing discrimination or slander based on factors such as race, gender, nationality, creed, age, or disability. It is our responsibility to ensure that no harm is inflicted upon each other and that no one misuses their role or position to exert coercion.

Open Discussion in the Work Environment
We strive to create a work environment that fosters open communication and encourages contributions from all members of our organization. We emphasize the importance of ideas over job titles, promoting respectful and inclusive communication in meetings.
For instance, during meetings, employees are encouraged to address each other with mutual respect, disregarding hierarchical positions. Our seating arrangement in meetings reflects a culture of open communication and collaboration, regardless of tenure, position, or title.
In addition, we promote open workspaces without communication barriers. We have done away with cubicles in our offices, providing an open floor plan that facilitates easy access and communication among all employees.

Hotline for Reporting Inappropriate Behavior
To ensure that our employees have a safe and respectful workplace environment, we have established an anonymous hotline that is accessible to all. This hotline allows employees to consult with us directly regarding any offensive behavior or conduct that creates an inappropriate work environment. Upon receiving a consultation, we will promptly investigate and address the matter, carefully considering privacy concerns.
By actively implementing these measures, we are committed to creating a fulfilling workplace that respects the rights and dignity of all individuals at ARCiNTU.

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