Governance Structure

A flat governance structure
At our company, we take pride in fostering a democratic and open atmosphere. We believe that every employee should have the right to express their opinions, regardless of their position, hierarchy, or experience. There is no presence of office politics in our company. We focus on cultivating a culture that revolves around the synthesis of ideas rather than who said them. Thus, our emphasis lies in driving creativity and innovation collectively.
The key to achieving this goal is our flat organizational structure. In contrast to traditional hierarchies, we have implemented a decentralized management approach. This means that we do not have cumbersome layers of authority, and everyone has an equal opportunity and power to participate in decision-making and projects. We encourage collaboration and equal dialogue among employees, be it in team meetings or daily work.
Furthermore, our company places a strong emphasis on establishing effective communication channels and transparency. We regularly organize team meetings, communication sessions, and provide mechanisms for two-way feedback to ensure that employees have a thorough understanding of company decisions and projects, while also having the opportunity to express their viewpoints and provide feedback. We encourage suggestions and improvement ideas from employees to continuously enhance our workflows and company culture.
In our company, everyone is an equal collaborator. Our goal is to create a supportive work environment for all employees to showcase their talents and achieve personal and team success.
If you are seeking a workplace free from office politics and full of democratic atmosphere, then our company is the perfect choice. Join us in creating an exciting and fulfilling work environment!

Employee Code of Conduct
In order to establish an organization that is less susceptible to fraud and harassment, we are implementing a system in which all employees regularly review our corporate policies and business guidelines, which form our code of conduct.
Furthermore, we actively utilize this code of conduct as a benchmark for decision-making in our daily business operations to ensure strict compliance and promote a culture of compliance awareness.
We also strive to create an inclusive work environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing their opinions.
We emphasize the content of what is being said, rather than focusing on who is saying it.
For instance, to minimize hierarchical barriers, it is important for employees to address each other by name rather than job titles, and to have the freedom to choose their seating arrangement during meetings. This promotes a culture where employees feel empowered to voice their thoughts openly, regardless of their job position, age, tenure, or gender.
In addition, we have designed our office space to minimize physical barriers and encourage open discussions, bridging any gaps between different groups within the organization.
This kind of culture and environment enables even new employees to confidently share their ideas without hesitation.
By promoting logical discussions and supporting each other, rational ideas can be realized, resulting in increased work efficiency and success rates for our employees.

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