Reducing Our Environmental Impact through Business Activities

Recycling Initiatives

ARCiNTU is committed to actively managing paper recycling. Besides digitalizing previous paper-based application forms, recycling containers have been placed on each floor of our office to collect paper, which is then taken away by a recycling vendor for the recycling process. The recycled paper is used to produce cardboard.
Reducing Environmental Impact Switching to LED Lighting As part of our ongoing efforts to minimize our environmental footprint, we are replacing all lighting fixtures with LED lighting at our head office and distribution locations.
This transition to LED lighting leads to a reduction in our carbon footprint of approximately 64%.
Upgrading to Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners By adopting energy-saving air conditioner models that consume less power and compact designs that utilize fewer resources, ARCiNTU incorporates environmentally friendly technology to decrease its carbon footprint.
Minimizing Waste at Distribution Centers Previously, packaging boxes had to be prepared for various product sizes, and cushioning materials were used to fill any extra space. However, the introduction of automated packing equipment enables more efficient utilization of the packaging box's interior space, resulting in a reduction in the amount of cushioning material required. Additionally, the integration of new types of packaging boxes has helped reduce the consumption of resources and save storage space.

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