Respect for Human Rights

The ARCiNTU Group acknowledges the significance of upholding human rights as a company, not only to comply with local laws and regulations but also to uphold high ethical standards. Since its inception, ARCiNTU has been committed to contributing to society by creating value. Recognizing that respecting human rights for all individuals involved in the Company's business activities is vital for our sustainability and fulfillment of social responsibilities, ARCiNTU has established the ARCiNTU Human Rights Policy. This policy aligns with international norms such as the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights the International Bill of Human Rights, and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

The scope of this policy applies to all ARCiNTU officers and employees, including its consolidated subsidiaries. Furthermore, we expect our suppliers and cooperative partners to understand and support this policy, and we will actively encourage their adherence to it.

ARCiNTU commits to complying with applicable laws and regulations concerning human rights, both at an international level and in the countries where we operate. We will conduct human rights due diligence to fulfill our responsibility in respecting human rights. If any infringement on human rights occurs, whether through our own business activities or those of our partners, we will take swift remedial actions.

Education plays a crucial role in embedding these principles throughout the organization. We have developed Corporate Policies and Business Guidelines, which are provided to all personnel to ensure the adoption of the ARCiNTU Human Rights Policy in all business activities, promoting a culture of high ethical standards.

Effective communication and consultation with stakeholders, including our suppliers and production partners, are encouraged to promote understanding and support for our company's initiatives. We are committed to disclosing information about our efforts and actions in line with the ARCiNTU Human Rights Policy.

This policy was approved by the Board of Directors of ARCiNTU CORPORATION on June 10, 2023.
June 29, 
2023 Wong President, 

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