Electronic products and related parts solutions

The so-called "3C products" is a general term for computer, communication and consumer electronics products. The size measurement form of 3C products has gradually shifted from the original initial inspection to multi-inspection and full-inspection. For Yu Guoqian, in addition to satisfying all detection forms, sufficient efficiency becomes particularly critical under the premise of ensuring accuracy.

Guoqian's driving system adopts the most advanced and fastest movement mode on the market to help customers solve various size problems faster and better. And the data can be uploaded to the client terminal through the MES system from time to time. While improving efficiency, it is also possible to give feedback on the characteristics of various products through strong technical capabilities.

Various types of electronic products and their related parts can be guaranteed by using Guoqian, and products of the same specification can be classified within different tolerance ranges to achieve a perfect mutual fit.


The advantages of the performance of Guoqian image measuring instrument in the application of 3C products:

1. The efficiency of the linear motor is unmatched by conventional image measuring instruments.
2. Quickly establish coordinates by comparing different shape features.
3. In addition to measurement, checking the measurement status of products is also an important link to improve efficiency. Guoqian image measuring instrument can look back at the previous measurement status during the product measurement process, and can modify, adjust and re-export the data.