Automotive Component Measurement Solutions

With the advancement of the times and the development of the country, automobiles are gradually transforming from traditional fuel vehicles to electric vehicles, and this industry is undergoing unprecedented changes. Maintaining the characteristics and consistency of products is the most important corporate purpose of Guoqian since it was engaged in the measurement business.

Guoqian image measuring instrument can be used for various parts that need to be verified on the car, such as small clips, connectors, metal and plastic parts, spare parts of the engine, etc., can be accurately measured to meet customer quality requirements for products. In order to ensure that the automotive parts are within the required tolerance range, we also provide a spectral laser to measure the gap and flatness of the product. This sensor is not affected by steps and materials, and is more advanced than the original triangle laser. This means that our measurements can be adapted to more measurement applications.

The advantages of Guoqian image measuring instrument performance in the application of automotive products:

1. The adaptation of auto parts is very important. Guoqian software provides the function of grading parts within tolerance, which can be adapted according to the graded parts and make reasonable use of product specifications.
2. Equipped with a spectral laser, the flatness and gap measurement becomes simple, and it is not affected by the material.
3. The Z axis of Guoqian image measuring instrument can be increased to more than 300, which can meet the application of large parts in optical measurement.