Medical device product measurement solution

As a representative industry of guide parts, with the improvement of medical level, the requirements for size specifications of medical device products (such as various tube bodies, plastic bodies, metal brackets, medical equipment parts, etc.) have become more and more stringent. The measurement requirements are also getting higher and higher.

Guoqian image measuring instrument provides sufficient brightness and technological breakthroughs in terms of light source, and maximizes the convex light source, and its ability to grasp the edge is far better than other competing products. This is the embodiment of Guoqian's ability and development.

The advantages of Guoqian image measuring instrument performance in the application of semiconductor products:

1. Since there are many special-shaped parts of medical products, the requirements for light sources are relatively high. Guoqian provides five-ring and eight-outward convex light sources to meet the lighting needs of products of different shapes.
2. Changing the traditional editing method, you can name the serial number of the size in batches.
3. The program can be dragged arbitrarily, and the measurement sequence can be different from the output sequence. Optimizing the measurement sequence can improve the measurement efficiency.