Solutions for Accurate Measurement Challenges in the Energy Industry

New energy is also called unconventional energy. It refers to various forms of energy other than traditional energy, among which solar energy is a field of renewable energy in new energy. With the rapid growth of solar energy applications in various industries, the demand for solar panels has also greatly increased, and its high-precision manufacturing requirements have also put forward a test for image measurement.

Guoqian image measuring instrument has accumulated deeper technical capabilities in the field of new energy through endless communication, discussion and repeated practice with customers and expert teams. Especially for the non-dominant lines on the photovoltaic board, we can produce clearer images through different light sources and paths to complete the measurement work, so as to meet the customer's requirements for product accuracy.

The advantages of Guoqian image measuring instrument performance in the application of new energy products:

1. As far as the flexibility of hardware is concerned, Guoqian can provide customized services for corresponding products, and through continuous testing, we can achieve the results that customers want.
2. Light is the eye of the image measuring instrument. We have a large enough team to provide precise technical support for this eye, and play a role in seeing and seeing clearly.
3. In the boundary capture mode, our software can provide a variety of edge capture environments, such as points, grayscale, filter and direction, etc. In the process of image measurement, accurate boundaries are the guarantee of accuracy.