PCB board measurement solution

A PCB board can be called a printed circuit board and is an important electronic component. In electronic equipment, whenever electronic components are needed, they are electrically interconnected by PCB, so the quality of PCB directly affects the performance of electronic equipment. With the rapid development of science and technology, the iteration of electronic products is getting faster and faster, which makes the production requirements of PCB become more refined and the quality requirements are higher.

The detection of PCB is mainly reflected in the detection of appearance size, including line width, line length, line distance, shape length and width, aperture, hole distance, angle and other dimensions. With the market demand, PCB is becoming more and more small and fine, and the precision requirements for tiny dimensions are getting higher and higher, especially the line width and line spacing. The tiny features need to be enlarged to form a clear image display In front of customers, in order to ensure the accuracy requirements.

In addition to the control of accuracy, efficiency is also an important indicator of detection. The size of PCB inspection is small and various, and the requirements for efficiency will naturally increase. Guoqian image measuring instrument is driven by a linear motor, which perfectly reflects the accuracy and efficiency.

The advantages of the performance of Guoqian image measuring instrument in the application of PCB products:

1. The measurement path optimization function does not turn back and repeat the route, which greatly improves the measurement efficiency. This is the unique feature of the software algorithm, within the field of vision, quickly grab.
2. The output data can be selected at will, and the output formats such as Word/Excel/TXT can be output at the same time, and the corresponding data report can be output according to the requirements, so as to meet the needs of customers to connect with the MES system.
3. The data can be output according to the order of the customer's drawings, which is convenient for customers to search for. It can also be output according to the data name provided by the customer to improve efficiency in the reporting process.