Vision Measuring System GQ series image measuring instrument GQA332

Vision Measuring System GQ series image measuring instrument GQA332

The GQ series image measuring instrument is developed in collaboration with Professor Zhang Zhengtao from the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Guoqian Intelligence. It innovates technology on traditional imaging instruments and is the first in China to perfectly combine fixed gantry and linear motors, in addition to possessing high precision and speed. After long-term verification and customer feedback, the measurement performance of this series of products is superior to its nominal specifications.

Vision Measuring System GQ series image measuring instrument GQA332 Product advantages

1. Fixed gantry structure, stable and durable, high precision.
2. The first small model in the market adopts the combination of fixed gantry structure and linear motor.
3. Diversified program modification: batch modification of element attributes, modification of measurement sequence, etc.
4. Tasks can be generated for fully automatic batch measurement.
5. Diversified reports, which can be output to designated tables, and the data can be processed in different levels.
6. The running speed of the program is adjustable, which is convenient for observation.
7. Automatic lens zoom (software control), no need to re-calibrate after zooming.
8. Program control for each section of coaxial light, surface light with five rings and eight areas, and contour light as standard.
9. Multi-thread measurement is possible.
10. Collage measurement and template measurement can be created.
11. Built-in SPC analysis function.

Basic measurement functions
1、Measurable elements: point, line, circle, arc, ellipse, rectangle, quadrilateral, groove, R angle, ring, curve, spacing, distance, etc.
2、Geometric tolerance: parallelism, perpendicularity, straightness, roundness, position, concentricity, etc.
3、Construction elements: parallel line, vertical line, tangent line, center point, endpoint, intersection point, two-point connecting line, bisector, centerline, contour division, radius drawing circle, three circles taking circle, two line radius inscribed circle, etc.
4、Image measurement tools: point taking (highest point, extreme point, scanning point, focus point, etc.), line taking (multi-point, segmented line taking), arc taking (multi-point, multi segment arc taking), circle (multi-point, multi arc arc taking), rectangle (five point taking), groove (five point taking), open curve, closed curve, etc.
5、Coordinate system setting: X, Y, Z axis zeroing mode, more flexible and convenient coordinate system processing, can translate and rotate the coordinate system.

Output and data statistics
1、Word, Excel, TXT reports and DXF files can be output.
2、Excel reports specified by customers can be output.
3、The data area can be graded and displayed in multiple colors.
4、The primitive out of tolerance area can be classified into normal, out of tolerance, unmeasured and other attributes.
5、Fully automatic generation of trend chart.

model GQA332
journey(mm) 300×300×200
External Size(mm) 1150×850×1650
weight(kg) 460
Capacity(kg) 20
accuracy X, Y axis (2.0+L/200)μm
  Z-axis fixed point accuracy (5.0+L/200)μm
    Note: "L" is the measured length of the target
speed X, Y axis 500mm/s
  Z axis 100mm/s
Operating Environment temperature 20℃±3℃(Effective precision)
  humidity 35~75%
  power 700W
  PowerSupply 220V
No. Project Specifications and main technical parameters Characteristic advantage
1 Noumenon 4-axis CNC measuring Including automatic zoom system
2 Structure Full marble structure Stable performance
3 Scale Heidenhain 0.1μm resolution scales German high resolution
4 Guide PMI 3-axis precision guide Ultra high straightness
5 Motor (Z axis: Japan Panasonic)
(XY axis: autonomous linear motor)
High speed linear motor
Fast speed and high precision (original),No iron core, stable operation.
6 Camera Hikvision 1/2"CCD colorHaikang 1/2 "CCD color Digital CCD, High pixel, global color, large field of vision.
7 Lens Automatic zoom lens
(Image magnification: 20X-126X)
(Optical magnification: 0.7X-4.5X)
Auto-zoom lens
Autonomous program control
8 Surface 5 rings 8 octants, LED lighting Convex design,The light source is focused from multiple angles.
9 Profile LED lighting Special reflective design
10 Computer Brand computer DELL
11 Software GQuick(Photovoltaic version) Independent research and development