APMT1604PDER Carbide Insert(Yellow)

The APMT1604PDER Carbide Insert is a universal milling cutter blade.
It is made from high-performance carbide alloy and can be used for processing various materials, including steel, cast iron, alloys, and non-ferrous metals. The blade has four cutting edges, allowing for various cutting operations, including face milling, groove milling, and contour milling. The APMT1604PDER Carbide Insert is a high-quality, high-performance blade that can provide reliable cutting performance in various applications.

Here are some key features of the APMT1604PDER Carbide Insert:

  • Made from high-performance carbide alloy
  • Four cutting edges for various cutting operations
  • Suitable for processing various materials, including steel, cast iron, alloys, and non-ferrous metals
  • High quality and high performance
  • Reliable cutting performance

The APMT1604PDER Carbide Insert is an essential tool for any workshop. It is a universal blade that can be used for various applications and can provide reliable cutting performance.

APMT1604PDER Carbide Insert

The APMT1604PDER Carbide Insert is a high-performance, versatile blade with outstanding features and a wide range of applications. Here is a detailed introduction to its performance characteristics, functions, and role in machining applications:

Performance Characteristics:

  1. High-Performance Carbide Material: The APMT1604PDER blade is manufactured from high-performance carbide alloy, offering excellent hardness, wear resistance, and heat resistance. This allows the blade to perform exceptionally well in high-speed cutting and heavy-load machining, maintaining sharpness and durability.

  2. Multi-Functional Blade Design: The blade features four cutting edges, suitable for various cutting operations such as face milling, groove milling, contour milling, and chamfering. This versatility makes the blade suitable for different machining requirements, enhancing production efficiency and flexibility.

  3. Broad Material Applicability: The APMT1604PDER blade is suitable for processing a variety of materials, including steel, cast iron, alloys, and non-ferrous metals. Whether cutting hard or soft materials, the blade can achieve stable and efficient performance.

  4. Stable Cutting Performance: Thanks to its exceptional material and blade design, the APMT1604PDER blade offers stable and consistent cutting performance. This means that the blade can maintain stable cutting effects under different machining conditions, reducing variables in production.


  1. Efficient Machining: The multi-functional design of the blade enhances machining efficiency, allowing for various cutting operations to be performed with the same blade. Both rough and finish machining can be accomplished using this versatile blade.

  2. Precision Cutting: The high-performance carbide material and precise blade design of the APMT1604PDER blade enable accurate cutting during machining, resulting in high-quality machining surfaces.

  3. Wear Resistance and Durability: The high-performance carbide material provides the blade with excellent wear resistance, extending its service life and reducing the frequency of replacements and downtime.

Role in Machining Applications:

  1. Face Milling: The APMT1604PDER blade is suitable for face milling operations, efficiently removing material from the surface and achieving a smooth machining effect.

  2. Groove Milling: Thanks to its multi-functional design, the blade easily performs groove milling, creating various sizes and shapes of grooves.

  3. Contour Milling: The blade excels in contour milling, accurately shaping intricate external profiles and contours.

  4. Chamfering: The APMT1604PDER blade is also suitable for chamfering, adding decorative and safety features to the edges and corners of workpieces.

In summary, the APMT1604PDER Carbide Insert serves as a reliable tool in the machining field, offering high efficiency and precision in a variety of cutting operations, thanks to its high-performance, versatile design, and stable cutting performance across different material applications.