BT40-FMB27-60 CNC Chuck Holder

BT40-FMB27-60 CNC Chuck Holder

The BT40-FMB27-60 CNC Chuck Holder is a tool holding device designed for CNC machines. It consists of a BT40 shank and an FMB27 chuck, with a tool holder length of 60 millimeters. The BT40 shank is a common tool holder specification suitable for high-speed and high-precision cutting operations. The FMB27 chuck allows for the installation of cutting tools with a 27-millimeter blade diameter. With a tool holder length of 60 millimeters, this holder is suitable for various machining scenarios, including milling, drilling, and other operations. Through a reliable clamping design, the BT40-FMB27-60 CNC Chuck Holder securely holds cutting tools onto the machine, ensuring stability and efficiency in the machining process. Whether in metalworking, plastic machining, or other material processing, this chuck holder demonstrates reliability and outstanding performance.

BT40-FMB27-60 CNC Chuck Holder

Product Features:

  1. Comprehensive Adaptability: The BT40-FMB27-60 CNC Chuck Holder is a versatile tool holder, combining the BT40 shank and FMB27 chuck. It allows users to utilize a variety of cutting tools with a 27-millimeter blade diameter, catering to diverse machining requirements.

  2. High-Precision Clamping: The design of the FMB27 chuck ensures stable tool clamping, providing high-precision machining. This clamping mechanism helps reduce errors and enhance machining quality.

  3. Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials, the BT40-FMB27-60 chuck holder exhibits durability and wear resistance, maintaining stability during prolonged production operations.

Performance Advantages:

  1. High-Precision Machining: The FMB27 chuck design combined with the stability of the BT40 shank ensures accurate tool positioning and secure clamping, facilitating high-precision machining operations.

  2. Efficiency: The quick tool change design of the BT40-FMB27-60 chuck holder reduces tool change time, minimizing downtime on the production line and enhancing operational efficiency.

  3. Error Reduction: The stable clamping design helps minimize vibrations and errors between the tool and the workpiece, leading to higher machining quality and consistency.

Role in the Production Process:

  1. Enhancing Production Efficiency: The efficient clamping and quick tool change design of the BT40-FMB27-60 chuck holder contribute to reducing tool change time, thus improving overall production line efficiency.

  2. Ensuring Machining Quality: The stable clamping design and high-precision chuck ensure tool stability and accuracy during the machining process, resulting in higher machining quality.

  3. Cost Reduction: By reducing downtime, minimizing tool wear, and enhancing consistent machining quality, the BT40-FMB27-60 chuck holder helps lower production costs.

In conclusion, the BT40-FMB27-60 CNC Chuck Holder stands as an indispensable component in the CNC machining field, thanks to its versatile design, high-precision performance, and significant role in the production process. Whether in high-precision machining or efficient production, this chuck holder offers reliable solutions for users' machining needs.