Carbide Spiral Fluted Reamer

Carbide Spiral Fluted Reamer

Internally cooled carbide drill bit and sprial reamer

From ordinary steel to stainless steel, it can be processed at high speed and long life. Deep hole machining is realized by using internal 

Carbide Spiral Fluted Reamer

The "Carbide Spiral Fluted Reamer" is a cutting tool used for machining holes in metal workpieces, featuring a spiral fluted design. Here is a detailed description of this tool:

The "Carbide Spiral Fluted Reamer" is a specialized reamer primarily used for machining holes in metal materials such as steel, aluminum, and cast iron. The term "Carbide" in its name refers to the material of the tool, which is typically made from cemented carbide (tungsten carbide). This material boasts exceptional hardness and wear resistance, making it suitable for cutting through metal materials.

Features and Design:

  1. Spiral Fluted Design: This reamer incorporates a spiral fluted design, which entails spiral-shaped grooves on the cutting edge. The spiral flutes aid in evacuating chips produced during the cutting process, while also providing improved lubrication and cooling effects.

  2. Tool Material: Commonly crafted from cemented carbide (tungsten carbide), this material's hardness and wear resistance allow the tool's cutting edges to stay sharp when cutting metal materials.

  3. Number of Flutes: Depending on the specific design, it may feature multiple flutes. The multi-flute design assists in distributing cutting forces evenly, reducing the load on each individual flute and thus enhancing cutting efficiency.

  4. Cooling and Lubrication: Proper cooling and lubrication are crucial for maintaining tool longevity and cutting quality, as chips and friction generate heat during the cutting process.


The "Carbide Spiral Fluted Reamer" is suitable for scenarios requiring the machining of holes in metal materials. For instance, it finds application in metalworking processes within the manufacturing industry where hole machining, threading, and similar operations are needed.

In summary, the "Carbide Spiral Fluted Reamer" is a tool specifically designed for cutting holes in metal workpieces. It features a spiral fluted design and is made from cemented carbide material to achieve efficient cutting in metal machining.