CNMG120404 Carbide insert(purple)

CNMG120404 Carbide insert

The CNMG120404 carbide insert (purple) is a cutting tool used for turning operations.
It features four cutting edges and is suitable for processing various materials, including steel, cast iron, and stainless steel.
This insert is manufactured from high-strength carbide tungsten, providing excellent wear resistance and heat resistance. Additionally, it is coated with a purple layer, enhancing cutting performance and extending its lifespan.

CNMG120404 carbide insert

The CNMG120404 carbide insert is a versatile and essential cutting tool used in turning operations. This insert is specifically designed to provide efficient and precise machining results across a range of materials. Its features and characteristics make it a valuable asset in the machining process.

Function and Features:

  1. Cutting Edges: The CNMG120404 insert is equipped with four cutting edges, enhancing its tool life and ensuring cost-effectiveness. This multi-edged design allows for extended use before replacement, reducing downtime.

  2. Material Compatibility: This carbide insert is engineered to perform exceptionally well on a variety of materials, including steel, cast iron, and stainless steel. Its versatility makes it suitable for various machining applications and industries.

  3. High-Strength Carbide Tungsten: The insert is manufactured using high-strength carbide tungsten, which offers outstanding hardness and wear resistance. This ensures consistent and reliable cutting performance, even in demanding machining conditions.

  4. Heat Resistance: The CNMG120404 insert exhibits excellent resistance to heat generated during cutting operations. This characteristic minimizes the risk of tool wear and prolongs the tool's life, resulting in consistent machining quality over time.

  5. Purple Coating: The purple coating applied to the insert serves multiple purposes. It provides enhanced lubrication, reducing friction between the insert and the workpiece. This not only contributes to improved cutting performance but also helps prevent built-up edge and chip welding.

Role in Machining:

The CNMG120404 carbide insert plays a crucial role in the machining process, offering several benefits:

  1. Precision Cutting: The precise geometry of the insert's cutting edges ensures accurate and smooth machining, leading to high-quality finished parts.

  2. Improved Productivity: The multiple cutting edges and wear-resistant properties allow for longer cutting times between tool changes, increasing productivity by reducing interruptions.

  3. Versatile Application: Its compatibility with various materials makes it suitable for a wide range of turning applications, eliminating the need for frequent tool changes and tool adjustments.

  4. Cost Efficiency: The combination of extended tool life and consistent performance contributes to cost savings by reducing tool replacement frequency and minimizing machine downtime.

Material and Coating:

The CNMG120404 insert is made from a high-strength carbide tungsten material known for its durability and hardness. Additionally, it features a purple-colored coating that enhances its performance by providing improved lubrication, chip flow, and heat dissipation. This coating helps extend the tool's lifespan and ensures optimal cutting conditions, resulting in efficient and reliable machining.

In summary, the CNMG120404 carbide insert offers a range of advantages, including versatility, durability, and high-performance machining capabilities. Its multi-edged design, high-strength material, and specialized coating make it an indispensable tool for achieving precise, efficient, and cost-effective turning operations across different materials and application.