Copper-aluminum alloy milling cutter

Copper-aluminum alloy milling cutter

[2/3 blade] TA-universal type aluminum alloy milling cutter

1. Suitable for aluminum alloy (Si≤12%) and copper alloy (<200HB) general processing

2. The special blade design can effectively prevent vibration and solve the problem of sticky cuttings on the cutting edge

3. Water cooling is the best cooling method

Copper-aluminum alloy milling cutter

The "Copper-aluminum alloy milling cutter" is a specialized cutting tool designed for milling operations on copper-aluminum alloy and similar non-ferrous metals. Here is a detailed description of this cutting tool:

1. Type: The Copper-aluminum alloy milling cutter is a tool used for milling operations, specifically designed for processing materials like copper-aluminum alloy and other non-ferrous metals.

2. Material: This milling cutter is typically made from high-quality cutting tool steel to ensure adequate strength and wear resistance. The design of the tool takes into consideration the characteristics of materials such as copper and aluminum, aiming to avoid excessive wear and thermal damage during the machining process.

3. Tool Geometry: The geometry of the Copper-aluminum alloy milling cutter is optimized to accommodate the properties of copper-aluminum alloy. The cutting angles, number of edges, and edge profiles of the tool are often adjusted according to the machining requirements to ensure efficient cutting and material removal.

4. Surface Coatings: Some Copper-aluminum alloy milling cutters may utilize special coatings, such as Titanium Aluminum Nitride (TiAlN), to enhance wear resistance, heat resistance, and lubrication properties, thus extending the tool's lifespan.

5. Machining Characteristics: This tool is suitable for milling low-hardness and high-thermal-conductivity materials like copper-aluminum alloy. Given that these alloys are often softer and more prone to deformation, the tool design must consider reducing cutting pressure, controlling cutting speeds, and feed rates to prevent material damage and distortion.

6. Application Areas: Copper-aluminum alloy milling cutters find extensive use in industries such as electronics, telecommunications, automotive parts manufacturing, and more. These industries often employ copper-aluminum alloys to produce components that require good electrical conductivity and heat dissipation.

7. Advantages: The design of this cutting tool aims to optimize the efficiency and quality of milling copper-aluminum alloys, minimizing the risks of material damage and deformation while enhancing the tool's longevity.

In summary, the Copper-aluminum alloy milling cutter is a specialized cutting tool tailored for milling copper-aluminum alloy materials. Its design and performance are optimized to meet the machining requirements of these materials, making it a vital tool in related industries.