ER20A-150-C20 Tool Holder

ER20A-150-C20 Tool Holder

ER20A-150-C20 is a common specification for a tool holding system, typically used in CNC machine tools and other machining equipment.

ER20A: This is a model of tool holder belonging to the ER series. ER series tool holders are a widely used standard system for tool clamping, suitable for holding small-diameter tools.

150: This represents the length of the clamped tool. In this case, the total length of the tool is 150 millimeters.

C20: This generally indicates the shank specification of the tool holding system. C20 might refer to a certain connection standard used to secure the tool holder to the machine tool's spindle.
This specification could be related to the specific design and manufacturing of the machine tool.

This type of tool holding system specification plays a crucial role in CNC machine tools and other machining equipment, ensuring the secure clamping and precise machining of tools.

ER20A-150-C20 Tool Holder

The ER20A-150-C20 tool holder is a standard tool clamping system used in CNC machine tools and other machining equipment. This model offers the following key features and specifications:

  1. Tool Holder Model: ER20A
    The ER20A belongs to the ER series of tool holders, which is one of the widely used standard systems for tool clamping. The ER series tool holders are particularly suitable for clamping small-diameter tools, ensuring stability and precision through their robust design and clamping mechanism.

  2. Clamped Tool Length: 150 millimeters
    The design of the ER20A-150-C20 holder allows for clamping tools with a total length of 150 millimeters. This specification is suitable for situations that require the use of longer tools for machining operations.

  3. Shank Specification: C20
    "C20" represents the shank specification of this tool holding system. It indicates the way the tool holder connects to the machine tool's spindle. The specific connection method might vary depending on different machine tool manufacturers. The design of the C20 shank specification ensures compatibility and stability between the tool holder and the machine tool.

The ER20A-150-C20 tool holder plays a crucial role in the machining field, providing a stable clamping mechanism and precise tool positioning. By offering a reliable gripping mechanism and accurate tool alignment, this model contributes to achieving high-precision machining operations. The design of this tool holder model is versatile, catering to various types of tools and machining requirements to meet diverse machining tasks.