Internally cooled carbide drill bit

Internally cooled carbide drill bit

From ordinary steel to stainless steel, it can be processed at high speed and long life.

Deep hole machining is realized by using internal cold hole
Internally cooled carbide drill bit

"Internally cooled carbide drill bit" is a type of drill bit used for metal machining, featuring an internal cooling design and made from carbide material. Here is a detailed description of this drill bit:

1. Drill Bit Type: The internally cooled carbide drill bit is a tool used for drilling holes, typically in the field of metal machining. It provides internal cooling during the drilling process to reduce friction heat between the drill bit and the workpiece, enhancing cutting performance and hole quality.

2. Material: This drill bit is primarily made from carbide, a very hard and wear-resistant alloy material commonly used for manufacturing cutting tools like drill bits, end mills, etc. Carbide's hardness and wear resistance make this drill bit suitable for machining various hardness levels of metal materials.

3. Internal Cooling Design: During the drilling process, friction and cutting generate a significant amount of heat, which can lead to rapid drill bit wear and affect the surface quality of the workpiece. The internally cooled carbide drill bit incorporates an internal cooling design, typically featuring coolant channels within the core of the bit. These channels allow coolant (such as cutting fluid or lubricant) to enter the drill bit's interior and be directed to the cutting edge and cutting area through nozzles or openings. This effectively reduces temperature, minimizes friction heat, prolongs the drill bit's lifespan, and contributes to a more stable cutting process.

4. Application Fields: The internally cooled carbide drill bit is primarily used in the metal machining industry, including automotive manufacturing, aerospace, and mechanical engineering. Due to its high hardness and internal cooling design, it is suitable for drilling various hardness levels of metal materials, including stainless steel, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, and more.

5. Advantages: The internal cooling design of this drill bit offers several advantages, including:

  • Extended Lifespan: The coolant reduces heat and wear on the drill bit, extending its service life.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The coolant lowers the temperature in the drilling area, reducing cutting forces and friction, making the drilling process more efficient.
  • Improved Quality: The coolant prevents overheating of the workpiece surface, reducing surface quality issues like burn marks or cracks.
  • Stability: The coolant also stabilizes the cutting process, reducing vibrations and instability factors, enhancing machining precision.

In conclusion, the internally cooled carbide drill bit is a high-performance tool widely used in metal machining. Its internal cooling design provides significant advantages in terms of cutting efficiency, lifespan, and machining quality.