MDJNR2525M11 Tool Holder

MDJNR2525M11 Tool Holder

MDJNR2525M11 is a common tool holder model, typically used in metal machining. 

The MDJNR2525M11 tool holder is a type designed for external circular cutting, primarily utilized to mount cutting tools on machine tools for metal machining operations. Its key features include:

  • Tool Holder Model: MDJNR2525M11 is the specific model of this tool holder, likely containing information about dimensions, shape, and other technical specifications.

  • External Circular Cutting: This tool holder is suitable for external circular cutting operations, applicable for turning, boring, and machining outer cylindrical surfaces.

  • Tool Holder Design: MDJNR2525M11 may feature a specific design for secure clamping and stabilization of cutting tools.

  • Tool Clamping: This tool holder allows the clamping of appropriately sized and typed cutting tools onto the holder, facilitating specific machining tasks.

  • Machining Applications: The MDJNR2525M11 tool holder is commonly used in the field of metal machining, suitable for various machining tasks such as turning, boring, threading, and more.

  • Machine Compatibility: This tool holder can be matched with suitable types of machine tools to achieve precise metal machining operations.

MDJNR2525M11 Tool Holder


Dedicated to External Circular Cutting: The MDJNR2525M11 tool holder is specifically designed for external circular cutting, suitable for turning, internal turning, external contour machining, and similar operations. High Precision Machining: The design and manufacturing of the tool holder are focused on providing high-precision cutting performance, ensuring the accuracy and quality of machining results. Tool Holder Features:

Stable Clamping System: The MDJNR2525M11 tool holder may employ a tool clamping system to ensure stable clamping of cutting tools during machining, reducing vibrations and errors. Tool Fixation: The tool holder could be equipped with an effective tool fixation mechanism, ensuring secure attachment of cutting tools to the holder, adaptable to various cutting tasks. High Wear-Resistant Materials: Due to potential exposure to significant cutting forces and friction, the tool holder might be manufactured using high wear-resistant materials to offer longevity and reliability. Applicable Scope:

Metal Machining: The MDJNR2525M11 tool holder is designed for the field of metal machining, suitable for various metal materials including steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and others. Machining Tasks: It is suitable for a range of machining tasks including external turning, external contour machining, internal turning, threading, and more. Machine Tool Compatibility:

CNC Machine Tools: This tool holder is compatible with CNC machine tools, allowing precise automated machining operations through pre-programmed instructions.

Please note that actual product specifications and features may vary depending on the manufacturer and model. For more specific technical specifications and application information, it's advisable to contact tool suppliers or machine tool manufacturers.