MWLNR2020K08 Tool Holder

MWLNR2020K08 Tool Holder

**MWLNR2020K08 is a 4-flute, right-hand, external turning tool holder with a shank diameter of 20 mm and a tool nose radius of 0.8 mm. It is made of high-quality steel and is heat-treated for strength and durability. The tool holder is designed to hold carbide inserts with a WNMG code. It is compatible with most CNC lathes.

MWLNR2020K08 is a versatile tool holder that can be used for a variety of turning operations, such as facing, grooving, and chamfering. It is also suitable for interrupted cutting operations. The tool holder is easy to use and maintain.

Here are some of the features of the MWLNR2020K08 tool holder:**

  • 4-flute design for efficient chip evacuation
  • Right-hand orientation for clockwise rotation
  • Shank diameter of 20 mm for compatibility with most CNC lathes
  • Tool nose radius of 0.8 mm for smooth cutting
  • Made of high-quality steel for strength and durability
  • Heat-treated for strength and durability
  • Compatible with carbide inserts with a WNMG code
MWLNR2020K08 Tool Holder

Type: MWLNR2020K08 is a type of external turning tool holder, typically used on rotating tools or lathes to cut the outer surfaces of metal workpieces.

Material: It is usually made of high-strength metal alloys to ensure stability and rigidity during high-speed turning operations.

Design: The MWLNR2020K08 tool holder features specific design characteristics, including the shape and size of the tool shank, to accommodate various types of cutting tools and workpieces. This tool holder typically has one or multiple cutting edges that can be used for machining external circular surfaces.

Clamping System: MWLNR2020K08 typically employs a clamping system to securely hold the cutting tool in place on the tool shank. This ensures stability and precision during the machining process.

Applications: MWLNR2020K08 is suitable for various types of metal machining, including steel, iron, aluminum, and others. It is commonly used on lathes, milling machines, and other metalworking machinery.

Purpose: The primary purpose of this tool holder is for rotary tools used in precise cutting and external turning operations. It finds widespread use in manufacturing and machining industries for producing various components and parts.

Specifications: The specifications of MWLNR2020K08 may vary by manufacturer and include parameters such as length, diameter, and cutting edge radius. These specifications determine the tool holder's suitability and performance.