Universal die steel ball end milling cutter

Universal die steel ball end milling cutter

[4 Flutes]TM- Universal die steel ball end milling cutter

1. Suitable for general processing of ordinary steel and cast iron materials (≤48HRC)

2. High performance ALTIN coating, high temperature resistance, wear resistance

3. Suitable for water cooling, oil cooling, oil mist cooling and other cooling environment

Universal die steel ball end milling cutter

The "Universal Die Steel Ball End Milling Cutter" is a versatile cutting tool designed for machining die steel materials with the distinctive feature of a ball-shaped cutting tip.

Features and Design:

  1. Tool Material: The tool is typically made from high-speed steel (HSS) or solid carbide to ensure it retains the necessary hardness and durability required for machining tough die steel materials.

  2. Ball End Geometry: The most distinguishing feature of this milling cutter is its ball-shaped cutting end. This design imparts a rounded cutting profile, allowing it to create contoured surfaces, fillets, and smooth curves on the workpiece.

  3. Cutting Flutes: The cutter may have two or more flutes, which are the helical grooves on the cutter's surface. Flutes facilitate chip evacuation, prevent clogging, and provide space for coolant and lubricant to flow.

  4. Coatings: Some versions of the tool might feature specialized coatings, such as TiAlN (Titanium Aluminum Nitride), to enhance heat resistance, wear resistance, and overall cutting performance.

  5. Versatility: The term "universal" suggests that this tool is adaptable for a range of applications and materials beyond die steel, making it suitable for various machining tasks.

  6. Coolant Channels: Many modern designs incorporate coolant channels to direct cutting fluid to the cutting zone, preventing overheating and extending tool life.


The "Universal Die Steel Ball End Milling Cutter" finds application in a variety of scenarios:

  • Die and Mold Making: It is highly suitable for creating intricate shapes, contours, and features required in die and mold manufacturing.

  • 3D Machining: Its ball end geometry enables it to perform 3D surface machining, producing smooth and curved surfaces.

  • Profile Milling: The rounded tip can be used for profile milling, where the desired shape is cut into the workpiece along its edge.

  • Fillets and Radii: The ball end can efficiently create fillets and radii on edges, corners, and internal features.


  • Offers precise and smooth contouring, ideal for complex geometries.
  • Reduces the need for multiple tools, thanks to its versatility in various applications.
  • Provides efficient chip evacuation due to the fluted design.
  • Enables 3D machining and curved surface creation.

In summary, the "Universal Die Steel Ball End Milling Cutter" is a versatile tool, ideal for machining die steel and beyond. Its ball end design, combined with appropriate tool materials and coatings, makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from die and mold making to general machining tasks requiring curved or contoured surfaces.